Romania Reborn was founded in response to a very specific need: a Christian orphanage in Romania with too little space for its children.

It began in 1997, when a young, American woman named Jayme Metzgar spent a year doing mission work in Oradea, Romania. Throughout that year, she volunteered at a tiny, Christian orphanage known as Hope House Family Center. At the time, Hope House was located in a cramped, two-bedroom apartment, with barely enough space for its seven children and three staff. Directed and operated entirely by Romanian Christians, Hope House simply did not have the resources or connections to finance a new building.

Hope House building under construction in 1999.

When Jayme returned to the United States, she believed God was calling her to help build an orphanage building for Hope House. And so, with a small board of directors and a $50 start-up donation, the organization was incorporated in July 1998 under its first name, Regeneration Ministries. Our first goal: to raise approximately $100,000 for an orphanage building. Hope House Family Center’s brand-new orphanage opened its doors in December 2000, with enough space for 16 children.

Since that time, we have continued to finance the life-changing work at Hope House on a daily basis. (You can read more about our ongoing efforts here.) In 2007, we hired our first full-time employee, Christian Feavel, and changed our name to Romania Reborn. In 2009, we began collaborating with like-minded NGOs to plan a network of Romanian Christians united to help the orphan. That vision bore fruit in 2013 with the official founding of Romania Without Orphans (Romania Fara Orfani), in which we continue to play a significant leadership role.

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