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We believe every child needs and deserves a forever family. And thanks to the tenacity of our two full-time social workers, a remarkable number of Hope House children have been adopted in recent years. Although Hope House itself is not an adoption agency, our social workers work in cooperation with local adoption officials, sifting through paperwork, tracking down biological family members, and attending court proceedings to help secure these children a better future.

We’re thrilled that so many children have been adopted from Hope House, but the numbers of abandoned children in Romania continue to grow. We know that more children could be helped in this way if Hope House could better meet its staff needs, and even hire additional social workers.

With this goal in mind, Romania Reborn is seeking individuals and families to join its Family Support Team, committing to give $25/month for their team membership. These funds will help Hope House pay its social workers, fund other adoption-related expenses (like travel and court costs), increase its adoption efforts, and ultimately rescue more children from abandonment. Simply put, Family Support Team funds will place children in forever families!

What You’ll Receive

Our Family Support Team members will receive exclusive reports several times a year, with photos, detailed stories, and prayer requests for the children who have recently found adoptive families. While they won’t be matched with one individual child like our foster sponsors are, our Family Support Team members will nonetheless get to “put a human face” on their giving. What’s more, they will receive the satisfaction of knowing that their gifts have forever changed a life.

We invite you to become a charter member of our Family Support Team today, and help abandoned children find a forever family!

Join the Team!

Joining the Family Support Team is easy:

To sign up for credit card donations, click here.

To sign up for monthly giving by check, click here.

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