Sponsor a Child

Why Sponsorship?

Hope House employs Christian foster parents for over 20 children in its care. In Romania, being a foster parent is considered a full-time job, and foster parents are not allowed to have other employment. For a Romanian family, receiving a foster parent salary is crucial to making ends meet and supporting their child. Your sponsorship gifts go toward that family’s salary, allowing them to feed, clothe, and nurture their child.

What You’ll Receive

1. A photo, life story, and prayer requests for your individual child.

2. Updates on your child’s progress.

3. A chance to write letters and/or send care packages to your child.

4. The knowledge that you’re changing a life!

How to Get Started

1. Choose the child you want to sponsor. Any child sponsored less than 100% is in need of regular sponsorship.

2. Choose a sponsorship level. You can choose a full sponsorship ($200/month or $2,400/year); a half-sponsorship ($100/month or $1,200/year); or a quarter-sponsorship ($50/month or $600/year).

3. Make the commitment. You can do this by going to our online giving page. Under “Gift Information,” type in the amount you intend to give, then in the “Recurring” field, select either “monthly” or “annually” (depending on whether you will be supporting your child in small monthly installments or in one large annual gift). Then, in the “Fund” field, select “Foster Sponsorship,” and in the box below, type the name of the child you wish to sponsor.

If you prefer to give by check rather than by credit card, you can make your commitment by calling our office at 540-751-9490. We will take your information and send you a sponsorship packet.

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