The Need

Hope House Family Center, our ministry to abandoned children, is located in a large, three-story house in northwest Romania. Living Hope Center, our ministry to needy and at-risk children, is located in a large, three-story house in southern Romania.

Over the years, both houses have seen hard service for the kingdom of God. Over 200 abandoned children have come through the doors of Hope House, living, playing, eating, sleeping, toddling, and running around there until the day they left in the arms of a family. Living Hope Center, meanwhile, has ministered to hundreds of children through its tutoring program, VBS day camps, and community outreach events. The rooms and halls have echoed with the laughter, shouts, songs, and footsteps of countless children and their families.

Some of the repairs needed at Hope House can be seen here.

Today, all that good kingdom use has taken its toll on both buildings. Hope House and Living Hope Center are both badly in need of repairs this year. Windows and doors need to be replaced at Hope House. Bathrooms need overhauling. Carpeting and paint are required in both facilities. In fact, renovations are so badly needed at Hope House that the ministry has postponed taking in any new children until repairs can be made. The sooner we can get these buildings repaired, the sooner we can put them back into service as havens for abandoned and vulnerable kids.

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