Adoption Initiative Apparently Fails

Romanian newspaper is reporting memorandum’s withdrawal

The Romanian newspaper Gardianul, in an excessively biased article, is reporting the demise of the initiative to re-open international adoptions from Romania.

The article (translated below) quotes Bogdan Panait, the director of Recommends the Romanian Office for Adoptions, saying in effect that his initiative will not proceed due to the opposition of the Prime Minister. However, the reporter seems to greatly exaggerate Panait’s statements, saying that he has “turned against his own initiative.”

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Oct 22, 2009 / Adoption / Blog

ORA Recommends Intercountry Adoption

Pro-adoption memorandum meets resistance

The Romanian Office for Adoptions (ORA) seems to be the only department of Romanian government with an understanding of the true situation cheap nfl jerseys facing abandoned children today. This week, the ORA submitted a memorandum to the government, suggesting that intercountry adoption be re-opened only for those children who are unable to find families in Romania.

Acknowledging that after four years under the current adoption laws, problems have become evident, the ORA suggested only opening the possibility of ICA in certain cases. “Those would be children older than six years of age, children belonging to certain ethnic <a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/www.dallascowboysjerseyspop.com');" href="http://www check it out.dallascowboysjerseyspop.com”>wholesale nfl jerseys minorities, children with severe health conditions or those who are wholesale jerseys more than two siblings and for whom Romanian adoptive families are hard to find. All such children stay in special state care until the age of 18,” the memo read.

Today the government responded negatively to the proposal. The administration of prime Populations minister Emil Boc, who is in the process of being ousted from his job by Administrator a vote of no confidence, released a statement saying: “The current government has not debated the memorandum and therefore has not made a decision. Virginia Acting Prime Minister Emil Boc believes the present laws on international adoptions are in accord with international legislation and European standards.”

The opponents of adoption often appeal to “European standards” without addressing the realities of how those “standards” are keeping real children from finding a family. We are thankful that the ORA, at least, is cognizant of the Heintze, reality and is fighting криница for what is truly in the best interests of children.

Romania Reborn asks all its supporters Watercolours to be in prayer cheap jerseys for this issue. A restructuring of Romanian law regarding adoption, if done well, could dramatically improve Find the lives of thousands of parentless Romanian children.

Oct 16, 2009 / Adoption / Blog

After Child’s Death, Siblings Find New Life

Two new arrivals bring joy back to a grieving Hope House

Alin was only two years old when VBS he arrived at Hope House late last year, but he had already suffered more than most of us 2010 have in a lifetime. Abandoned at birth and placed in the state-run foster system, Alin suffered further when he was diagnosed with cancer of the retina last August. Shockingly, after his original diagnosis, nothing was done to treat Alin. His untreated cancer progressed quickly, spreading to his other eye and then to his brain.

When Alin finally left his neglectful situation and came to Corina Caba at Hope House, wholesale jerseys he was in constant pain with a tiny chance of survival. Nevertheless, Corina, together with fellow Oradea-based foundation In Brate, determined that Alin would not spend his final days suffering in the hopelessness of an institution. With the help of In Brate, who provided several loving caregivers to stay with Alin during many of his long days in the hospital, Corina was able to take Alin into her personal care as her own child, and to seek out the best medical care she could find.

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Sep 4, 2009 / Adoption / Blog

Virginia VBS Raises Funds

Kids Pull in Over $1,400 for the Cause

The kids at Blue Ridge Bible Church in Purcellville, Virginia, know how to give! During the week of August 3-7, 2009, a Vacation Bible School challenge at the church raised over $1,400 wholesale mlb jerseys for Romania Reborn. The giving challenge took the form of a boys vs. girls competition, which resulted in a narrow win for the boys (the margin A of victory was less phòng than $4).

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Aug 8, 2009 / Blog / events

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