What We Do

Romania Reborn was founded to support the work of Hope House Family Center in Oradea, Romania, which continues to be our primary project today. However, in 2002, we began to expand our work and took on an additional project: the Living Hope Center.

The ministry projects we support share five common elements:

1. They are located in Romania.

2. They are founded and operated by Romanian Christians (indigenous missionaries), who share our faith in Jesus Christ and our desire to make Him known.

3. They work primarily with children, meeting their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. By focusing on children, we seek to make a real impact upon Romania’s future.

4. They are ministries with which we have a close personal relationship. The ministry directors are Christians whom we know personally, and with whom we maintain regular contact. Romania Reborn staff and volunteers have regularly visited these ministries and personally seen their work in Romania.

5. They have very little regular financial support other than what they receive from Romania Reborn.

Section: What We Do
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