Advocate Adoption

Advocate4As we work to 1) rescue children, 2) build families, and 3) support adoptive parents, step # 4 is to promote adoption within the wider Romanian culture, starting with the church. We hope to reach out to Romanian pastors and congregations, helping them understand and embrace God’s heart for the orphan. We’ll also be looking for opportunities to advocate for better adoption laws, which would make it much easier to help children find permanence.

Much of this “adoption advocacy” will be done under the auspices of Romania Without Orphans (RWO), a Romanian foundation we’ve been involved in getting off the ground. RWO was the organization that spearheaded our October 2014 conference and initiated the first observations of “Orphan Sunday” in Romania. A 2015 conference is already in the works, and we’ve recently hired a full-time Romanian director for this fledgling foundation.

As Romania Without Orphans works to build bridges between adoption groups and the Romanian church, we pray the end result will be a much higher number of Christian couples seeking to adopt. If we can build up a “bullpen” of adoptive families, our ability to rescue children from abandonment and place them quickly into families will dramatically increase.

And so we see our four-point vision coming full circle. Rescue leads to adoption, which leads to family support, which leads to an adoption culture, which leads to more rescue. Thus, Lord willing, the cycle of healing and hope continues.

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