Build Families

Build2Our firm belief at Romania Reborn is that children belong in families, not institutions. After rescuing abandoned children from state care, the second aspect of our ministry is placing them into forever families. Since our ministry began in 1998, we’ve found homes for over 400 children who were once abandoned. (All of our families are Romanian, since international adoption from Romania is now illegal.)

We currently have over 30 children’s cases that we’re shepherding through this long, arduous legal process. This is both a triumph and a huge workload for our small staff. A typical child’s case takes two years and costs us around $3,700 – a cost we fully fund with donations rather than fees from our adoptive families. This practice both complies with Romania’s strict anti-corruption laws and makes adoption accessible to middle-class Romanians.

Our family-building ministry is directly supported by the Family Support Team. We’re actively looking for new team members to allow us to place more children. But we also need to raise more awareness and interest in adoption on the Romanian side, so we can more easily find families. This is where the next aspect of our ministry comes into play: supporting adoptive and foster parents.

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