Hope House Family Center of Oradea, Romania, has been rescuing abandoned children and placing them in families since 1996. Founded by Corina Caba, a young Romanian Christian, Hope House has transformed the lives of over 200 children since it opened its doors.

Hope House changes the lives of children in two ways: through its residential house and its private foster program.

On a visit to Romania, one of our RR staff plays with a child in residence at Hope House.

Residential House

Hope House’s beautiful building, located on a hilltop overlooking the city, was constructed in 2000 thanks primarily to the support of Romania Reborn’s donors. At one time the house held up to 14 small residents, but due to changing laws and regulations, there are now a maximum of six children living at Hope House at one time.

Most of the Hope House children have been abandoned by their families and have spent time in institutions (often hospitals). The neglect and abuse they have faced in their birth families, along with the instability of life in the Romanian child welfare system, often damages these children in multiple ways. Hope House’s goal is to rescue them from this system, help the children heal, and ultimately place them where every child belongs: in a permanent family.

Therefore, babies only stay at Hope House temporarily, receiving good care and stability in a home-like environment. The ultimate goal for every Hope House child is adoption into a loving, Christian family.

Foster Program

Most of the children in Hope House care don’t live at our facility, but rather in families . . . where children belong! Approximately 30 children live in foster families employed and supervised by the Hope House ministry.

Hope House created its foster program to address the needs of children for whom adoption is difficult. In Romania today, adoption has become such a legal nightmare that many children are unable to be placed in adoptive families quickly. For these children, a loving, long-term foster home is infinitely superior to life in an institution, or the instability of state-run foster care. Most of our foster parents truly see their children as their own, even if they are unable to adopt them.

Nearly all the children in our foster families are available for individual sponsorship. You can go to our sponsorship page to see their photos and read more about becoming a sponsor.

Even though adoption is often difficult, it is not impossible. Hope House continues to process several adoptions per year and place children in forever families.

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