Rescue Children

Rescue1In 1989, the brutal reign of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu came to a violent end. Soon afterward, the world (and most Romanians) were shocked by images of abandoned children living in concentration-camp-like conditions in state institutions.

Nearly three decades later, much in Romania has improved . . . but much work remains to be done. Most people are not aware that children are still being abandoned today at rates comparable to the Communist years. While conditions in state institutions are certainly better than they were in the 1990s, they remain dismal places for children to grow up. While the letter of the law prevents children under age two from living in an institution, many children’s hospitals operate as de facto orphanages for abandoned babies. (And this is certainly a better option than living on the street.)

The first aspect of our ministry at Romania Reborn is to rescue abandoned children from the state system and place them into families. We identify vulnerable children through hospitals, youth shelters, and sometimes from a direct call from police or child protection officials. While children are sometimes placed in temporary care, the goal for every child is permanence in a forever family.

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