Join Us Tomorrow for Orphan Sunday!

On November 3, Christians around the world will stand for the orphan. Through prayer, sermons, and events, God’s call to care for the orphan will be heard by thousands. No matter where you are, you can join us through prayer. Download our list of specific prayer requests by clicking the link below.

Romania Reborn Orphan Sunday Prayer List (PDF format)

You can also learn more about the needs of orphans around the world by visiting the Christian Alliance for Orphans website.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27)

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Adoption Law Needs Your Prayers

Corina Caba, shown with a formerly abandoned child, has worked tirelessly on a legal proposal to help abandoned children find families.

Corina Caba, shown with a formerly abandoned child, has worked tirelessly on a legal proposal to help kids like him find a family.

It has been a decade since a Romanian child could find a home with an American, British, or Italian family.

In 2004, following several years of temporary moratoriums on adoption, Romania passed a full-fledged international adoption ban. While NGOs working closely with abandoned children reacted mainly with dismay, officials from the European Union, who had equated adoption with human trafficking, rejoiced — and subsequently rewarded Romania with EU membership.

At the same time, the process of domestic adoption also underwent a total overhaul. Strict new requirements made the process of declaring an abandoned child adoptable extraordinarily difficult, and the domestic adoption process itself became a lengthy legal maze. Now, thousands of Romanian children were left in a “no man’s land” — abandoned by their birth families but legally unable to be adopted.

While a few needed reforms have been passed since 2004, the overall result has been, as the NPR reported last year, to make adoption a rarity for Romania’s abandoned children.

Now, a serious effort is underway to make real amendments to the law. This push has come primarily from Romanians themselves: both NGOs working on the ground with abandoned children, and would-be adoptive parents who became vocal through a nationwide media campaign. Both groups have expressed their disgust with a system that works against the interests of children in need of families.

While these efforts have focused mainly on fixing the problems in Romania’s domestic adoption law, there have been distinct rumblings about the international adoption ban as well. This remains the most controversial adoption-related issue, and it remains to be seen whether Romania will be willing to re-introduce international adoption for some of its most at-risk children.

Hope House has played a key role in drafting proposed amendments to the law, working with other NGOs to draft a thoughtful, thorough legal proposal. Having identified a legislator to introduce the amendments later this year, we are currently working on carefully refining them. Please pray for Corina Caba as she meets this week with a Romanian lawyer. Their agenda is to thoroughly review the legal proposal and create a final draft.

But it’s not just this week. We need your prayers as this effort moves forward. Despite great strides that have been made in bringing this issue to the attention of both Romanians and their legislators, there are still strong, entrenched anti-adoption forces in Bucharest. This remains a David vs. Goliath undertaking.

Nonetheless, “the king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes.” (Proverbs 21:1) Please join us in beseeching God to turn the hearts of Romanian lawmakers toward the well-being of abandoned children. Food, shelter, and clothing are not enough. Every child deserves, needs, and belongs in a family.

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Romania Reborn Ministry Update

“I live in the spirit of prayer. I pray as I walk about, when I lie down and when I rise up. And the answers are always coming.” (George Muller, 1805-1898)

Your prayers are vital to our ministry, and we are seeing the Lord answer! Thank you for taking time to pray for our children and their needs. The current praises and prayer needs are below, so join us in praising God for His answers – current and future. God bless!

Living Hope Center

Praise God for providing for “Robby”, a student recently injured at the Living Hope Center! After falling on the playground and severely injuring his elbow, Robby (pictured below in the hospital being visited by other LHC students) was rushed to the hospital and underwent extensive surgery. Although he is doing well, his family did not have the resources to provide Robby with the care he will need. Thankfully, God provided over $6,000 for Robby through the gifts of over a dozen Romania Reborn donors!

We thank each of you who prayed for Robby and his family, as well as everyone who gave toward his needs. The Lord knows exactly what Robby will need in the coming months, and we praise Him for His answer! We will send updates on Robby’s ongoing condition, but please continue to pray for him as he enters physical therapy in the coming weeks.

"Robby" with other LHC students

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Embracing God’s Heart for Adoption

by Jeanne Domenech
Treasurer of Romania Reborn

With approximately 127,000 adoptions annually in the US, according to the Adoption Institute, many couples have embraced adoption as a beautiful way to bring children into the circle of a loving family. As a follower of Christ and an adoptive parent, I am reminded over and over of God’s loving care for fatherless children, and His willingness to take in those who are not part of His “natural” family tree.

It is wonderful how God continues to call HIS people to join Him in this work. Perhaps He is calling you?

But how do you recognize the call? Listen to this: “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.” (John 14:18) That is step one.

Consider the world from the orphan’s perspective. Abandoned through no fault of their own, they live at the very bottom of the pile, with only a few years of potential adoptability (most occur between 0-5 years). Who, if not the people of God, whom Christ rescued and brought into his family, have what it takes to rescue the fatherless and give them hope and a lifelong home and family? “Visit orphans in their distress” as James 1:27 says, “and practice true religion.”

Perhaps God wants to use you as “the helper of the Fatherless.” Though this can take many forms, consider: you may be the family GOD wants to use to change the life of a child forever.

As we considered adoption, prayed about it for many years, had three biological children, and continued to feel God tugging on our hearts, some wise folks asked us, “What about the risk? What about unknown family traits, health issues, attachment disorders, possible unforeseen challenges, down the line…all of the ‘what if’s’?”

These are reasonable and wise questions to ask. We prayed over them soberly.

But, God kept up the refrain…“Fear not, I am with you. I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” Our good Lord, who was willing to sacrifice everything to rescue sinners, provides ALL we parents need to face these challenges (and we have had some with our daughter who is now 17). But at each challenging juncture, HE has met us with His provision and all-encompassing love, and allowed us the privilege to serve and grow together with our wonderful girl.

Listen to what God has done for us:

Ephesians 1:5 says, “He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will.”

Perhaps God wants to use you to show His plan of adoption to a watching world.

Jeanne has been a board member and treasurer of Romania Reborn since its founding. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, and is pictured above with her four children and daughter-in-law.

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Worth It All!

The number of hours that Hope House staff spend rescuing children, placing them with families, and making them adoptable is staggering. And it is only after all of this is complete that they can begin the paperwork for adoption.  However, when Corina visits the children and sees their smiles, she says, “It is worth it all!”

"Barry" is happy to smile for the camera!

My mother and I joined Corina and Ana-Maria, the Hope House psychologist, on a few visits to check in with children who had found a new home through the Hope House ministry. Within seconds of being in these homes, you knew God had worked a miracle. Although my mother Janet couldn’t understand a word of the Romanian being spoken during the visits, she stated that she could see the love and joy in the eyes of the new families as they spoke of their children. This kind of deep love can’t help but change a child’s life!

"Daniel" enjoys a moment in Corina's arms.

All the children pictured here were abandoned or severely neglected at birth. Thankfully, they were rescued at an early age and spared years of hopelessness, as well as the emotional and physical effects that accompany abandonment. If you have been praying and giving to help the children at Hope House, or are considering doing so, I hope these smiles remind you that “It is worth it all!”

*Learn how to get involved in supporting the adoption efforts at Hope House through our “Family Support Team” by visiting our Family Support Team page.

"Jessica" is surrounded by love in her new home.

"Bonnie" loves to spend time with Mama.

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