10 Reasons You Should Come to Our Jenny & Tyler Show

On Friday, January 31st, Christian musicians Jenny & Tyler will play a benefit show for us in Purcellville, VA. Here’s why you should buy tickets right now for this show:

1. It helps abandoned kids propranolol pills online.

Your ticket purchase will help our ministry save kids from abandonment and place them where they belong: in families. Watch our Romanian director tell one child’s story below. Don’t you want to help write more stories like this?

2. It’s affordable.

Seriously, $12 for a concert ticket (and even less for your kids) is a great deal. Most big-name Christian concerts will cost you around $50 a head. This will be smaller, yes . . . but isn’t that good? You can sit closer.

3. It’s freezing outside.

And we know you’ve got cabin fever after two weeks of this:


4. It’s local.

It’s in Purcellville, people! No driving on the toll road, no crazy commuter traffic . . . just a hop, skip, and a jump to good old Purcellville, home to Patrick Henry College and Nichol’s Hardware Store.


5. Mac Powell of Third Day likes Jenny and Tyler. You will too!

Here’s Mac lending his back-up vocals to one of their songs:

6. Take your kids out and grow their faith.

An outing to a Christian concert? You could spend your family time much worse.

7. Not a bad place to bring your non-Christian friends, either.

Buy them a ticket. Let them hear about Jesus in a low-pressure environment with some quality music in their ears, a good friend at their side, and a cup of coffee in their hands.

8. Married couples who sing together are adorable.

I rest my case:

9. That’s a mandolin.

And mandolin music is real music. Maybe this should have been reason #1.

10. These kids will thank you.

And remember: “Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me.” – Jesus

So what are you waiting for?


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