How Giving Blesses the Giver

We often talk about the ways your support helps abandoned children, but this ministry is a blessing to the giver as well. Romania Reborn board member Jeanne Domenech recently shared her personal thoughts on this:

FullSizeRender(1)When you’ve been walking along life’s road with Christ (it’s been 40 years for this pilgrim this year) you witness many surprises. Some are sorrowful, others shock-worthy, perhaps exciting. But my favorite kind occur, when after patient and persistent prayer, God bursts in, bringing His joyous answer.

I had the privilege last fall of participating in just such a moment.

Back in 2005, while visiting Romania for the first time, Jayme Metzgar and I spent several days at Hope House, meeting the children, in particular two twins, a boy and a girl. about 4 years old. They were beautiful children, but for whatever reason they waited for a long time to be adopted. After that brief visit, their little faces were emblazoned on my mind’s eye.

GOD knew the plan He had for them, and for their adoptive parents.

As they waited I had the privilege of praying for them, so you can imagine my JOY when, ten years later, in November 2015 at the Romania Without Orphans Summit in Cluj, Romania, I saw them in person again, as lovely, poised, confident 14-year-olds.

As I listened to the interpreter tell their parents’ story and watched the joy on their faces, I found myself weeping tears of joy, simply because I was given the opportunity to SEE and KNOW that my little prayers had played a part in this beautiful miracle of a family knit together by God’s hand. What an unexpected witness to God’s economy of blessing! We give, but we come to see the GREAT GIVER in Action!

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