Waiting Child Week

During the last week of April, we’ve set a goal to add $1,000/month in new support for adoption (just $12,000/year). This is a fraction of the cost most Americans pay for one adoption, but it will fully cover three new Romanian adoptions every year. This means that every year, we could enter the hospital rooms of three more abandoned babies and place them in the arms of a mom and dad. What could be better?

Gifts of any amount are welcome, but if you can give at least $25/month (or $300/year), we’ll send you regular photos and life stories of children you’ve helped—putting faces and names to your giving.

If you’re ready to join our support team, click here to get started. (Or if you’d like more information on our adoption ministry, click here to learn more.) It’s a simple way to fulfill the Christian duty to care for the orphan—and to experience the joy that goes with it.

A child is waiting. Let’s make this the year help arrives.

Current goal status: $175/month of $1,000/month raised.