the need

Imagine a small child left alone in the world, abandoned without anyone to nurture, love, teach, or provide. This is the reality for far too many children in today's Romania. Other children live in their families but face a daunting future of poverty, hardship and neglect. We're committed to changing that. more . . .

our work

We believe the best way to reach the next generation of Romania's children is by coming alongside Romanian Christians who are working to make a difference. We've selected two small but excellent Romanian-run foundations and have been supporting their life-changing ministries. more . . .

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10 Reasons You Should Come to Our Jenny & Tyler Show
On Friday, January 31st, Christian musicians Jenny & Tyler will play a benefit show for us in Purcellville, VA. Here's why you should buy tickets right now for this show.

Friday, January 24th, 2014

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