Who We Are

Romania Reborn is a small non-profit organization dedicated to providing “hope, help, and homes for children.” Specifically, we sponsor relief and missionary work among orphans, abandoned babies, and other needy children in Romania.

We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our ministry is headquartered in Purcellville, Virginia, USA.

Our History

Romania Reborn was founded in response to a very specific need: a Christian orphanage in Romania with too little space for its children.

It began in 1997, when a young, American woman named Jayme Metzgar spent a year doing mission work in Oradea, Romania. Throughout that year, she volunteered at a tiny, Christian orphanage known as Hope House Family Center. At the time, Hope House was located in a cramped, two-bedroom apartment, with barely enough space for its seven children and three staff. Directed and operated entirely by Romanian Christians, Hope House simply did not have the resources or connections to finance a new building.

Hope House building under construction in 1999.

When Jayme returned to the United States, she believed God was calling her to help build an orphanage building for Hope House. And so, with a small board of directors and a $50 start-up donation, the organization was incorporated in July 1998 under its first name, Regeneration Ministries. Our first goal: to raise approximately $100,000 for an orphanage building. Hope House Family Center’s brand-new orphanage opened its doors in December 2000, with enough space for 16 children.

Since that time, we have continued to finance the life-changing work at Hope House on a daily basis. In 2002, our Board voted to take on an additional ministry for support: Living Hope Center. In 2007, we hired our first full-time employee, Christian Feavel, and changed our name to Romania Reborn.

What Makes Us Unique

With so many charitable children’s organizations out there, what makes Romania Reborn any different? Below are seven distinctive characteristics of this organization:

    1. We are small

    Romania Reborn is not intended to be a large, extensive ministry. Rather, we were founded to meet the specific needs of a few excellent (but similarly small) ministries in Romania. Since our founding, our office has been housed in a private residence. The first eight years, the office needs were met by volunteers and part-time staff, supported by local churches. Recently we have added a full-time staff worker. While we pray God continues to bless and expand our ministry, we don’t envision ever becoming a mega-charity. Rather, we simply aim to faithfully do the specific tasks God puts before us.

    2. We are personal.

    Our small size allows us to maintain close personal relationships, both with our partners in Romania and with our supporters here in the United States. Our goal is to allow our supporters to experience the same close connection with the work in Romania that we ourselves enjoy. We want our supporters to feel a true kinship with their brothers and sisters who are working to change children’s lives in Romania.

    3. We are careful stewards of God’s resources.

    Another benefit of our small size is our ability to trim our administrative costs. We realize that our donors are giving not to us, but to God, and we take this responsibility seriously. It is our organizational policy to spend the absolute minimum on overhead expenses, and to report our total spending to donors every year. In 2009, our outgoing expenses totaled $217,912.94. Of that amount, $149,095.02 (68.4%) went directly to ministry, $16,725.47 (7.7%) went toward management costs, and $52,092.45 (23.9%) was spent on salaries. A more detailed financial statement is available upon request.

    4. We support nationals.

    We are excited about the fact that our supported ministries in Romania are founded and operated exclusively by Romanians. This “indigenous ministry” is extraordinarily effective. Romanian Christians already know the language, the culture, and the needs. They are capable of living on a fraction of the salary that Western missionaries would require. And they have a lifetime commitment to remaining in their country and seeing the Gospel go forward. By simply coming alongside these Romanian believers and providing them with resources, we believe we are functioning as the interdependent body of Christ was designed to function.

    5. We look for ministries that really need us.

    Each of our supported ministries in Romania has very little regular support, other than what our donors provide. Our supporters know that their gifts are making a real difference.

    6. We depend upon God as our ultimate provider.

    At Romania Reborn, we believe that God always finances the work He has ordained. If this is truly His work, it will get done! However, we also believe that the way God usually provides is by prompting His people to give. Therefore, we present our ministry as an opportunity for American believers to join God in His work-and to reap the abundant spiritual blessing that follows. We want our donors to be motivated by joy, not by guilt! We also remind our friends in Romania that God (and not Romania Reborn) is their true provider. In this way, we seek to avoid creating a destructive dependency upon “American Christians,” and rather to encourage our Romanian friends to depend upon God alone.

    7. We are unapologetically Christian.

    Romania Reborn welcomes the support and involvement of any individual who cares about children, regardless of faith or creed. However, we ourselves are a distinctly Christian organization. We support only ministries which agree with our statement of faith. In addition to giving needy children a better future here on earth, our ultimate goal is to introduce them to One who died to secure their eternal future: Jesus Christ.

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